Public Policy Partners welcomes a new strategic partner!

Tawana GainesTawanna P. Gaines, Senior Strategy Consultant

Public Policy Partners is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Tawanna Gaines. Gaines brings significant legislative experience and insight into navigating Maryland’s public policy process. With her commitment to underserved communities and social justice, her goals align with Public Policy Partners’ mission.

Gaines served in the Maryland House of Delegates for 18 years representing District 22 in Prince George’s County. Most of her service was spent on the House Appropriations Committee, including four years as Vice Chair of the full committee. Gaines also served in leadership positions on the Capital, Environment and Transportation and the Health and Human Resources Subcommittees. She had success in leading numerous capital budget campaigns and legislative initiatives.

Gaines is recognized as a champion for at-risk youth and municipality issues. Her work resulted in millions of dollars to programs across the state to help children in need of various support services. “Tawanna has been a staunch champion for children and families her entire public career,” stated Liz Park, President of the Maryland Association of Youth Service Bureaus. “Her work while in the General Assembly helped thousands of families across the state access mental health and others services to avoid family disruptions. We’re so glad to have her back working with us to continue these efforts, especially at this time of great need.”

Gaines also served as the Mayor of Berwyn Heights and as a member on its City Council before being elected to the House.

Gaines’ path to her new role with Public Policy Partners has not been straight forward, but her challenges have made her more determined than ever to support those who need it the most. “I understand the value of second chances. I served honorably in public service for many years, and I take full responsibility for the actions that lead to the end of my legislative career. I believe that all of us have a responsibility to utilize our experiences to support our communities. I look forward to continuing my work in improving the lives of at-risk youth and families.”

Gaines will be providing strategic advice on various issues with Public Policy Partners’ clients. “Tawanna has been a public servant most of her life and she’s not done,” stated Ann Ciekot, Partner at Public Policy Partners. “We look forward to continuing our work in support of our clients in partnership with Tawanna.”