Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy

Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy

We specialize in complex legislative and regulatory initiatives. Change begins with winning hearts and minds. Implementation is in the details.

  • Implementing legislative campaigns from start to finish, including bill drafting, media outreach, and grassroots management.
  • Advancing the legislative platforms of clients by enhancing client visibility in Annapolis and State policy circles.
  • Achieving policy goals through regulatory initiatives.
State & Budgetary Advocacy

State Budgetary Campaigns

We lead successful State budget campaigns, even in challenging financial times. We understand the inner-workings of the budget process. But most importantly, we understand that a budget reflects the values of a community.

  • Obtaining operating budget funds by partnership with the Executive Branch.  Funds may be through grant programs or fee-for-service reimbursement.
  • Securing capital funds through the Executive Branch or legislative bond bill.
  • Mandating funding through the legislative budget process
Policy Research and Analysis

Public Policy Research & Analysis

We named our firm “Public Policy Partners” for a reason. We do our homework – from reviewing statutes in all 50 states to delving into peer-reviewed research. Successful advocacy is grounded in policy analysis.

  • Developing strategic policy options for clients by conducting comprehensive reviews of state law and regulations, federal requirements, and peer-reviewed research.
  • Writing white papers to support policy initiatives.
  • Conducting 50-State reviews of state law and regulations for legislative toolkits.
Virtual Advocacy

Virtual Advocacy

We launched a new service this fall – Virtual Advocacy Planning & Events. We help our clients reach decision-makers using all the available communication tools. Virtual advocacy is opening doors for engagement.

  • Converting in-person advocacy events to virtual events to maximize impact.
  • Facilitating virtual meetings, both small and large, to engage participants and reduce virtual meeting fatigue.
  • Managing the platforms used for virtual advocacy events.
Organizational and Membership Development

Organizational & Membership Development

We support our clients in strengthening their organizations. Advocacy offers opportunities to build membership, donors, and boards. Advocacy can mean growth for an organization.

  • Developing strategic plans to attract and retain membership through advocacy work.
  • Writing communications for membership on policy and advocacy developments.
  • Training an organization’s leadership, staff, and membership on the legislative and policy change process